Weekend Retrospective

Taking a cue from my friend racher who does weekend posts called “Weekend Still Shots,” I am starting a not-too-wordy series of posts called “Weekend Retrospective.”  As I have sat with patients and families at the end of life, life review is so often what is important for people to make peace, make meaning, integrate, and begin to (re)build a life into the future. I believe that life review is important for more than just the end of life, and that it may be something that helps us to transition between chapters of our lives as whole people (“integrated” in CPE language) with a meaningful narrative.

So, here goes the very first Weekend Retrospective:  when I left Arlington Heights in August 2009, the young adult group at First Presbyterian Church, Arlington Heights gave me a series of gifts.  This was the first in the series of “You know it’s time to leave Chicago when…”

Weekend Retrospective

You know it's time to leave Chicago when (#1) upon returning from a trip, you discover your car window smashed in.

It commemorates this event:

July 14, 2009 - returned from a trip to find my window smashed in the church parking lot.

Great thanks to friend Stephanie who helped me cover the back windshield area (she was prepared with supplies in her car), and friend Kristy who added some humor to the situation.

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