Variations on a Theme – Home (7)

Another of my favorite paintings from the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR) is the piece below. Maybe the child is mesmerized by something off to the right, mesmerized enough to forget her toys. The little doll held in her arms… or maybe it’s clutched as a safety blanket… the simple and seemingly bright colors, the hint of a smile on the faces of the dolls… and yet shadows play throughout the painting. The child’s expression is anyone’s guess.

Under the bright light of the museum, the painting looked endlessly happy… the child’s attention drawn by something more fun than her toys. But with the lights off…. Maybe the child’s attention is on something that’s changing and shifting within her home. But like children do, her attention will soon turn back to her toys, whatever she is looking at.

Niña y Sus Juguetes (1966)
by James Shine (1930- )

The wordy reflection on “home” here: Reflections on Home

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2 Responses to Variations on a Theme – Home (7)

  1. Malou says:

    I love this painting . Reminds me of my little girl. 😉

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