How Allergies Almost Ruined My Sabbath

Nothing like good old allergies to ruin a perfectly good Sabbath day.  That’s what I was thinking when I woke up this morning.  My head felt like twice its normal size from all the congestion… and it was throbbing from the sinus pressure.  I could barely breathe through my nose.  My eyes were still stinging and feeling the slightest bit itchy.  My neck was stiff and my lymph nodes swollen.  I felt off-kilter.

A perfectly good Sabbath day, which has been rather rare these days, and all my plans for it, ruined.  I didn’t even feel like rolling off my bed, let alone walking through my door toward the pollen-ridden world.  But just as I was about to ditch my original plans, which included finally using a birthday certificate for the spa, I was reminded that a massage might do some good – get my lymphatic system flowing and all that.  Seeing that this advice was also coming from my friend who knows how to rest better than anyone else I know, I took the advice and called to make an appointment at Spa Sydell.

View from our Casita - Family Trip to Costa Rica

About halfway through the honeysuckle spring massage, my mind finally stopped thinking about emails and lesson plans that needed to be written, and I started to drift off into a comfortable rest… not quite asleep, but not fully awake either.  I realized that this was the first real rest and relaxation I’d had in a long time.  Unlike the fitful rest I’ve been finding at night, it was comfortable.  My therapist worked out a shoulder knot that had been around for some time.  Shortly thereafter, I felt the deep fatigue in my leg muscles being rubbed out.

Earlier this week, I’d gone to my second Zumba class.  My energy flagged earlier and my movements were sluggish.  At first I thought it was just me, but my friend confirmed that this was true for her, too.  We wondered whether it was our pre-Zumba meal.  We had sushi last week, and Jimmy John’s this week.  Or general dehydration.  Or general tiredness.  I thought maybe it was muscle fatigue, but we had had a week to recover from our first class.

Apparently, it had been muscle fatigue, and apparently, it was deep enough in my muscles that I needed professional help.  There are sites, including Wikipedia, that explain why metabolic muscle fatigue happens, but what it basically boils down to is this: imbalance… not enough substrates, too many metabolites, and too much free hydrogen that creates an acidic environment.  It’s an imbalance of not enough resources, too much waste, and a non-ideal environment.  My belated birthday spa break helped to bring some balance back into my muscles and back into my life.

By the end of my spa break, toxins leaving my body, lymph drainage working properly, and muscles moving more smoothly, my body was almost back to 100%.  With some good rest and rejuvenation, I felt much more balanced, both spiritually and emotionally.  A good dinner and bubble tea dessert added to the rightness and restfulness of the day.  As it turns out, allergies didn’t ruin a perfectly good Sabbath day; it was just another sign of the imbalance in my life, and a perfect Sabbath day “ruined” the allergies instead, and brought a bit of balance back into my life.

Spa Sydell recommendations:
I went to the Midtown Spa Sydell.  Everyone was friendly and the therapists were very good, especially massage therapist Carolyn.  However, because it was Saturday (their busiest day) and because Spa Sydell is so big, the locker room and waiting areas lacked the peacefulness of many other spas I’d been to.  The waiting area is in 3 sections at the intersection of 4 hallways, so there is a lot of traffic and a lot of noise when groups are done with their treatments.  If you want peacefulness, you should probably avoid Saturdays at Spa Sydell.
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