Paintings Without Names

I don’t have titles for them yet.  They are the first paintings I have worked on in a while. Somehow, it was easier to paint during CPE… something about the process, something about regularly engaging in the pre-verbal, non-verbal stuff… something about being given words as themes and painting something for someone else.  I tried painting on my own a few months after CPE and was frustrated enough to leave it for a while, but lately, I’ve been feeling that pull to try again, so here they are:

I don’t think I’m quite done with them yet.

Art critiques and suggestions for titles welcome.  
And I’d love to hear what you see/feel.

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3 Responses to Paintings Without Names

  1. I agree, they look like work in progress, but you have a great start!

    • artofsabbath says:

      Thank you! I saw that you are self-taught. How did you teach yourself? Are there books, video, etc. that you can recommend?

      • My meaning of the ‘self-taught’ is that I didn’t study art, have no art education, etc. But everything is inspiration and learning experience for me. I don’t know techniques, but when I see something what I like, I try to apply my understanding how it was done and create something in that technique. Many things you can find on youtube demonstrations. My last ‘self-taught’ thing was those paintings in Liquid Series. I just accidentally came across the blog here on WP, I liked it a lot and decided to try what I can came out with. Good luck with your experiments!

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