Easter Season Meditation (3)

A Prayer by Karl Barth during the Easter Season

Pinterest-inspired TP Art (made 5/6/2012)

Lord, God our Father,
through Jesus Christ, your Son,
in the power of the Holy Spirit,
give light to our eyes, that we may see your light, the brightly shining light of reconciliation! For this is the greatest sickness, when one cannot see the light, even during the day. Free us from this sickness, us and all Christians who celebrate Easter either well or poorly, the entire human community, both near and far, who are again and again being confused and endangered anew.

Bless what comes to pass in this church and in the other churches and communities that are now still separated from us, that it may be a testimony to your name, your kingdom, and your will! Reign also over all the various concerns of the government authorities, administrations, and courts here and all over the world!

Strengthen the teachers in consideration of their high task for the growing generation; the people who write newspapers, conscious of their grave responsibility for the public opinion that they influence; the doctors and nurses, for genuine attentiveness to the needs of those who are in their care! Substitute your comfort, your counsel, and your help for all that would accuse the many lonely, poor, sick, and confused among us! And let your mercy be apparent and powerful to all who are here in this house, along with their families!

We place ourselves and all that we lack and that the world requires in your hands. Our hope is in you. We trust in you. You have never let your people be put to shame, whenever they earnestly called on you. What you have begun, you will surely finish. Amen.

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