Sabbath by Pinterest: Cross TP Art

Toilet Paper art on Pinterest is not the stuff we used to do in school.  At least in my classes, we used to glue yarn and googly eyes to our TP rolls, or maybe even colored cellophane paper.  It was fun, but it was never anything I wanted to hang on my walls.  The craft-y people who blog about such things have taken the TP roll to a new level of sophistication.  I’ve been pinning TP art ideas for some time, and last week, I decided to give it a small-dose try by creating this Pinterest-inspired TP Art to go along with my Easter Season Meditation.

This past week, I decided to keep going with the canvas, TP, paint combination to make a seminary graduation gift for my cousin.  I’d given her crosses at the end of her first two years of seminary: one that I painted at a pottery place and one I brought back from South Africa.  I looked for a nice cross for this third and final year, but nothing seemed quite right.  After last week’s creation, I felt energized to make something.

I started off by painting the canvas to create a background:

Background created using blue, black, and white.

While the canvas was drying, I painted the TP rolls half black and half dark gray.  As last week’s experience taught me, it takes too long to paint after the roll has been cut, especially if the pieces are all going to be the same color.  I cut them into even pieces after they were dry.  For the bottom two pieces of the cross, I notched them to connect better with the top, right, and left pieces, and to connect the two bottom pieces together without glue.

TP rolls painted with black and dark gray acrylic paint, then cut.

While I glued the pieces of the cross together (held together using a paper clip and a small binder clip – others on Pinterest use clothespins) and let them dry, I cut a piece of vellum out and used a permanent marker to write.

Vellum cut and words written.

I used Mod Podge to glue the vellum to the canvas.  This did not go well, because the vellum curled up very quickly.  I used Mod Podge over the vellum, and “uncurled” the vellum.  It ended up creating an interesting look, but I’ll have to do something different the next time.

The finished product!

I used Mod Podge over the whole canvas, so it is a bit shiny.

Next time I want to do something different with the vellum, and maybe do something to create a better border.  Any advice?

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One Response to Sabbath by Pinterest: Cross TP Art

  1. Ann says:

    Very nicely done. Like the fish and how the cross looks also like a flower.

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