Sabbath by Pinterest

Pinterest is a wonderful thing.  Before Pinterest, I used to save emails about restaurants I wanted to explore, recipes I wanted to try, vacation destinations I wanted to list, and smart problem-solving ideas I wanted to remember.  If not emails, then I made notes – first sticky notes, then iPhone notes, now iCloud notes.  Pinterest has made it possible for me to virtually pin all that information in separate bulletins boards in etherspace.

Now, instead of forgotten emails and aimless wondering when time for choosing a restaurant draws near, I can refer to my Pinterest board.  It’s like magic… until one has too many projects and too many recipes to actually keep up with.  What good is a bulletin board if one doesn’t use the information on it?  At least that’s what I asked myself.

As part of my Sabbath-keeping, I’ve decided to use my pins to create something, hopefully once a week, renews my soul.  It may be a recipe, a new restaurant, a craft, or a variation on a craft I pinned.  It may be something I haven’t pinned yet.  Whatever it is, it will be something new to me, because trying something new refreshes me and gives me new life.  And it will be something I can accomplish in a short period of time, because I like to do things that I can mark as “completed” and there is not enough of that in my life in ministry.

So, Sabbath by Pinterest….


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